Phantum Viper

This custom design and print project was for a popular game streamer, Phantum Viper.  I wanted to play on his gamer tag, maybe a little on-the-nose featuring a mask reminiscent of the Phantom of the Opera with a viper slithering through it.  To take the effect to the next level, I used the spot UV technique to give the mask a shine, along with the text and the viper’s scales.  The spot UV on the scales not only gives a visual effect when they catch the light, but a tactile effect that feels like scales on a snake.  You’ll also notice the shape of a dog…his dog.  This was done entirely in the spot UV for a subtle tribute.

This animation shows where the spot UV was placed and gives an idea of how it might look.

Note the intent to have both sides play with each other with the design overflow.

This animation is to show how much time and work went into creating a print file for the spot UV where I had to design it scale by scale.  The outcome was well worth the work.