Ryan Hudson, a popular game streamer, wanted a premium business card option to share with others, especially sponsors.  Another artist did an amazing job on his caricature graphic, but he also wanted an aspect of his personal branding to be the wolf.  After the mascot graphic was finalized I wondered what I could do with the business cards themselves to stand out and give them a really premium quality while not distracting from the graphics.  The answer was to use a printing technique called spot UV.  When printing on a matte finish card stock, the spot UV allowed me to give only specific parts of the design a gloss coating.  The additional benefit of this is that the clear gloss coating gives a slightly raised, tactile effect.  Playing on that, I took the time to apply that effect to the fur of the wolf.  Not only can you feel the fur effect when one’s finger runs across the card, but you really get that visual effect when the light catches the clear gloss.